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Hello friends!

Had a real busy week at work, which left me with little time to update or to try out things.

Once the week was over, I jumped on the opportunity to try out what I took away from my macaron class last week.

I made some modifications to the recipe and am pretty pleased with the results (see below).

When I went for the lesson, I found that the macaron shells were too sweet, making me assume that the only way to ensure that my macarons weren’t overly sweet would be to have a less sweet filling. I dared not cut down on the sugar level of the macarons for fear of disappearing feet.

Instead of using 150g of ground almonds, I substituted it for 100g of ground almonds and 50g of ground black sesame (which can be bought at Daiso. They have everything!).

The taste came out really good. If you’re a fan of black sesame, I guarantee that this is your thing. The black sesame taste seems to hide, quite well, the sweetness of the macaron shells.

Considering it’s the first time I’m making my macaron shells on my own, I’m really satisfied with the results. The one thing I know I have to work on, though, is the roundness of my macaron shells. If you notice in my photo on top, it’s kinda pointy on two of the shells. That’s due to the fact that i underbeat my batter (if you beat it more, it’ll become more fluid. I was hesistant as I didn’t want my shells to spread too much). Should I face with this problem again, I’ll just take a spatula to flatten the top.

Going to try another batch next week so stay tuned ^^

Black Sesame Macaron shells:

Makes about 30 normal sized macarons / 50 smaller sized macarons like those I photographed (not the tiny ones)


225g Icing sugar
100g Ground almond
50g Grond Black sesame
6 pinches of salt

150g egg whites (I aged mine for 2 days without covering them in the fridge)
105g caster sugar


  1. Sieve icing sugar, ground almonds, black sesame and salt together. (The sieve is not a flour sieve but more like those that you use to drain the water from the veg. Holes are slightly larger). Whisk mixture till evenly mixed
  2. Whip egg whites till foamy, then add caster sugar in 3 batches and whip until stiff peaks form (the more you beat, the drier the macarons get. Do not over beat or the elasticity will break and you can’t use your egg whites)
  3. Sieve almond mixture over egg whites and fold in (downards), in about 2 additions
  4. Pipe the rounds using a #12 piping tip. I took my fondant circle cutter to mark the size of the macaron shells that I wanted, to get a more even macaron shell size.
  5. Dry rounds in an air-conditioned environment until they are matte and dry
  6. Bake in a preheated oven of 150 degrees celcius for about 11 minutes (cover the top at the last few minutes of baking to prevent browning)
  7. Cool completely before peeling off paper

* To check if the macaron shells are ready, hold one of the shells and shake it. If it moves the whole paper, it is ready. If not, the shell will feel like it is going to break off.

Azuki Bean Paste filling:

I got kinda lazy on this one and bought pre-made red bean paste from Phoon Huat. Once I’ve used it up, I’ll be sure to make my own!


113g Cream Cheese
60g Butter
3 heaps of Chinese tablespoon of icing sugar
280g Azuki Bean paste


  1. Cream the cheese and butter till soft and fluffy
  2. Sieve in icing sugar and beat till fluffy
  3. Add in azuki bean paste
  4. Pipe onto macaron shells

That’s all for now! Hope that your macarons will turn out as mine did :)

Lemme know if you do try em out :)

PS. I just purchased the Laduree Sucree: The recipes book. Pretty stoked to get it (only in May when I’m in UK though). Will update yall when it comes <3





Since I first attempted macarons in February, I’ve been searching high and low for a macaron workshop to attend.

My first attempt at making macarons was quite a disaster. Firstly, my batter was too runny. Secondly, my shells never dried. Thirdly, my buttercream was overwhelmingly sweet. The only thing I could be proud of was that I actually managed to sift my ground almonds through a flour sieve (I’ll touch on that later) and that my macarons had feet.

Phoon Huat, Artistiq and Sugar Inc all conduct hands on macaron classes. However, Phoon Huat wasn’t giving a response as to when the next lesson on macarons would be (probably due to overwhelming response), and the Artistiq one just wasn’t coinciding with my schedule. I finally decided on Sugar Inc which was at a comparably reasonable price.

The course was 4 hours long (2pm-6pm), inclusive of ingredients, boxes etc. The only thing I had to bring along was a pen.

Course details:

  • Hands on (group)
  • $99/pax
  • Chocolate Swiss Roll
  • Macaron (Lemon Curd, Raspberry Curd & Chocolate Ganache filling)

The course was quite a good experience. Sugar Inc conducts many other baking courses which can be found here.

I can’t post the recipes for the things I learnt cos it’s not really fair to Anna Chan (boss/teacher of Sugar Inc), but I can post some tips that I picked up from the course.

  1. Age your egg whites. The longer they are aged, the more dry your batter can be (and that is the point of a macaron. Dryness.) Don’t worry about bacteria entering when you leave them exposed in the fridge because they contain anti-bacterial properties
  2. Do not cut down on the sugar that is specified in the recipe. The sugar is what gives you the feet
  3. The sieve you use to sift your ground almonds and icing sugar is the large sieve (something like the kind to drain vegs)
  4. When you fold, fold downwards, press out the air, but not too much
  5. To check if your batter has been folded (or pressed down enough), shake the bowl and count to 15. If the lines disappear, it means that the batter is good to go
  6. Do not be over excited like my group mates and I were and remove the shells from the parchment paper before they are cooled. You’ll cry and see your macaron shells die.
  7. The higher your start piping the shells, the higher your shells will be (kinda a ‘duh’ comment but really makes a difference in terms of appearance)
  8. You can use ground pistachios/hazelnut to replace ground almonds

(Not exactly the best picture but there’ll be more to come!!)

That’s all for today!

If you think you’re really into baking & would like to make macarons, I’d highly recommend the course. It’s one of the more reasonably priced ones in Singapore & you’ll definitely get it. Anna’s really friendly & approachable. I’m gna try this out again on Good Friday & I’ll update you then on how it all goes :)