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So it’s been awhile since I’ve updated!

I’d have to say that this has been a rather fulfilling, yet busy week.

On Tuesday, I took my BTT. One step closer to getting my driving license ^^ Thankfully I passed on my first trial. I think BTT requires little studying, but is also based a lot on your luck. It depends on the questions that you get cos everyone gets a different set, and some of the questions are pretty weird!
Jieshun was pretty awesome to follow me in the morning for my E-Trial at 9am & wait with me till 1145am for my BTT. We headed to Marina area after, to meet Derek & Ash at the ArtScience Museum for the Titanic showcase. The Titanic showcase was very well done up, and each of us were given a ‘boarding pass’ when we entered. The only downside to it was that due to the fact that all the display items are actual pieces, we weren’t allowed to photograph inside at all. If we did want a shot, it’d be with backdrops of titanic-esque landscape, which would cost us 25bucks for 2 photos or something of that sort. Too costly for our liking. Js & I purchased the Cat 1 ticket which also granted us entry into Cartier showcase. Not quite our thing though :/

I started work on Wednesday at B Bakery, 15 Bussorah Street.

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s famous for it’s sticky buns (cinammon rolls).
It’s within the area of Haji Lane & Arab Street and serves lunch as well as desserts. I must say that the stuff is pretty good, so you ought to go check it out.

As you should know by now, I’m pretty interested in baking & all, so I started work in the kitchen. I learnt quite a bit on my first day at work and love the company of my co-workers.
Had dinner at night at PS Cafe. Though the decor  & ambience was pretty pleasant, the food was definitely over-priced and not value-for-money.

Worked again on Thursday & met the pastry chef for the first time. Learnt several other things & by the time work was done, I really wanted to fall alsleep. Carrying all the heavy things as well as standing for 8 hours straight is really no joke :/

Met with the 4/2 babies at night! Had dinner at medz at orchard central. The concept of the place is pretty similar to that of marche (you get a ‘credit card’ and just purchase, then pay at the cashier). I didn’t find the food exactly great, but the company was beyonddd awesome.
Went home & fell into instant sleep.

Woke up early again this morning and took 48 with js to east coast park. We stopped too late and had to walk from Long Beach all the way to the rental area. By the time we reached, i was so tired and could barely cycle :/ Also felt quite gross this morning & all pukey and stuff. We were supposed to o to lolliput but tht didnt’ really work out cos I had to go back & help my mom’s friend decorate her daughters birthday cake (more photos soon!).

Overall, the week has been pretty fulfilling!!! Looking forward to a long week of work next week. I’m so busy now & have to find ways to create time for myself.

Till then,

Much love