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Today was an extremely lazy day.

Spent the wee hours of the morning jew-ing off cable channels that are free all day (New year’s day).

Managed to watch Perfect Romance (2004) & Mean Girls 2(2011), which was disappointingly sub-standard.

Woke up pretty late and spent the day being a full-fledged sloth. I couldn’t even get past the first 4 pages of my BTT book. Seriously, having not studied for a month has let my brain rottttt.

Jieshun came over to my place and we watch Just Go with it. It was not bad, but I don’t know, movies just don’t seem that good anymore. I mean what happened to awesome chick flicks like Mean Girls???

After that, we went over to his place for some steamboat and then karaoke. My ears are ringing and head still pounding from that 2hour karaoke session :/

Anyways, I’m pretty stoked for tomorrow! I’m gonna be starting my Wilton Course 2 – Flowers & Cake Decorating (I completed Course 1 in November). Hope that My skills wouldn’t be rusty and that working with Royal Icing will require much less preparation and effort than that of Buttercream which is a pain in the ass to make and to handle. Also! Ao’s having a house outing tomorrow. Really miss that gang of people and cycling + dinner should prove to be pretty exciting (Haven’t exercised in foreverrrr).

Oh yes! I’m starting work next Wednesday. I think it’s gonna be pretty awesome, but hard work, working in the kitchen. At least I’m doing something I know I’ll enjoy & actually be able to get something out of it. Been spending so much time baking this holidays.

This post is really pretty boring, but I’m trying to stay dedicated to my aim (as what I’ve been trying to do from Gretchen Rubin’s- The Happiness Project). Tomorrow’s post will definitely prove to be more exciting, with my first Course 2 lesson & the Ao outing.