Real Italian Carbonara

Hi guys!

It’s been almost 2 months & I’m finally back with more! It’s not really what I usually do. This time, it’s under the category of cooking. After that 6 week holiday away from home, I equipped myself with some new skills so that I could whip up something whenever I missed Singapore’s food. Kudos to my sis for imparting all her exchange skills on me :)

While we were in Rome, we had the best carbonara ever. Everytime you think of carbonara, you think of that creamy based pasta with bacon and mushrooms. This is different. Authentic carbonara sauces contain no cream – healthier and really really delicious!

After that meal, we decided we needed to replicate ‘real carbonara’.

When I was in UK, I chanced upon woman&home Feel Good Food magazine, and found a recipe on real italian carbonara.

My sis gave it a try today & I”m glad to say it’s a success!

It’s so simple to make and tastes really really good too!

Real Italian Carbonara – adapted from woman&home Feel Good Food magazine (UK Edition)

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Serves: 2
Difficulty: Easy


  • 200g Spaghetti
  • 125g Smoked Bacon
  • 1 Garlic clove, chopped
  • 50g Parmesan, grated, plus extra to serve
  • 2 Free range egg yolks & 1 whole free range egg, beaten
  • Handful of parsley for garnishing
  1. Cook spaghetti according to the pack instructions. Meanwhile, heat  anon-stick pan and, when hot, cook the bacon until crisp. Remove the bacon from the heat, add the garlic, stir and immediately remove the garlic from the pan to prevent it from burning. Drain on a kitchen towel
  2. Mix the parmesan into the eggs and season with pepper. When the pasta is cooked, drain thoroughly and return to the pan. Switch off the heat, then stir through the egg mixture. The heat from the pan (though not on), and the pastas should cook the eggs without curdling them.
  3. Stir the bacon, garlic and parsley and serve immediately, with a sprinkling of parmesan and black pepper, if you like
Per serving: 750 calories, 35g fat (13g saturated), 76g carbohydrate
Hope you guys will enjoy this dish as much as I do!

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