Recipe book hunting!

There was one period where I went kinda crazy over cupcakes (still love making them) and bought myself all sorts of recipe books. I know it’s really convenient to just google the recipes that you want and then use them, but I’m greedy and just like having my own book.

One of them that I bought is from The Hummingbird Bakery

In the whole book, I’ve only tried the red velvet (which I think is a really good recipe) and marshmallow (it uses the basic vanilla cupcake recipe which I find ordinary). I’ve yet to complete more of the recipes which actually seem very interesting!
The book is about 12SGD if I remember correctly! Got mine from kinokuniya.
The other book that I bought was The Primrose Bakery book.
This book is full of lovely images and numerous recipes. I’ve just spent a whole lot of time starring at the recipes. The only one I’ve tried out is the green tea recipe which is really good! Looking forward to having more time to try out more stuff from the book!
Today, I decided it was time to get another book (funny how I don’t really use each book that I have to the fullest potential).
I want to advance beyond just cupcakes. I want to move towards making my own entremets, tortes etc. (I do have some experience from working in a bakery). Unfortunately, most of these french pastry books are found in french, japanese or mandarin. I struggled through the mandarin section till I finally found a book which had english translations at the back (hehee).
Can’t wait to get started on this book and to try out the recipes from the others too!
Also anticipating the arrival of my Laduree Sucre Book! (or more like trip to London when I get it:) )
Gonna make some more macarons tomorrow! So stay tuned!
Meanwhile, if you do have any questions, feel free to pop a comment! I’ll get back asap :)

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