What should this space be for?

When I first started this wordpress, my aim was to make myself happier, as in Gretchen Rubin’s ‘The Happiness Project’. Unlike the experience Rubin described, I failed to find that similar sense of satisfaction through blogging, explaining my spasmodic blogging. I’ve been thinking and thinking: what should I blog about??

I’ve found that the reason why blogging appeals less and less to me each time, is that I do not have this constant theme for my blog. 

With that, I’ve decided that thetinyadventurer will be about my baking/cooking/eating adventures. In all, it’s kinda like a food blog which tries to cover a greater scope of things (occassionally i’ll have some stuff irrelevant to those topics, but forgive me:) )

I’ll try my best to update once a week, with new things that I’ve baked.

Hopefully this will work out, or you know what happens next.


Stay tuned friends <3



  1. Hi Eug! I find it useful myself to have some kind of theme when one blogs. After all there are millions of blogs out there and one way to make your blog interesting is to be unique in some way! Having a unique theme thus helps. Making yourself happier through blogging sounds a little difficult but hopefully you arrive there!

    • Hahah i know. As in happiness through satisfaction? Anyway I’m pretty excited to start blogging about all my foodstuff! Stay tuned :)

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