Relish! <3

Its been a long time since I met up with Gen & I’m glad I did!

Met her at Cluny court yesterday for dinner (supposed to’ve been La Petit, but it closes on Mondays). Ended up taking our dinner to relish on the second floor. We were both kinda full & shared Parmesan wings + Otah bread. I know. We went to a restaurant & paid $$$ just for local food we could’ve easily bought from Pizza Hut/Toastbox. The ambience was pretty good though & I guess it was worth the cash. The wings came with two dips. Gen ate mostly from this creamy dip & I from this chilli dip. The wings were nicely fried & had a good crunchy texture to it. I enjoyed the otah paste bread a lot. It had a strong fish flavour (not in a fishy way) and was overall quite a satisfying meal!

Ordered Molten Lava with banana & Panna Conda (I have no idea how it’s spelt) – a Pandan mousse kinda cake with Gula Melaka. Both desserts were really yummy. Spent a lot of time talking & ended up taking the bus with her just to catch up more. Talked about retreat and how the world’s so small.

I can’t wait to be done with my Uni apps now. I’m too slow & having to work & do my apps is just kinda of a choreeee.

Gonna try out more cakes at the bakery tomorrow ^^




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