Its been a while

It’s been about over a week since I last updated.

I guess I’ve been really busy with Uni apps & a whole lot of other stuff since the release of A’s results!

Thursday, 8th March, happened to be Jieshun’s birthday as well as the launch of Marni x H&M.

Crazy sister, her friend & myself got ourselves up at 430am in the morning to go queue outside H&M. An experience I’ll never want to repeat again! It’s one of those ‘been there done that’ things. We brought those mini foldable chairs to assist in our queueing up. Thank goodness, cos we ended up waiting till about 630am before they gave out those coloured tags that had our allocated shopping time slots. It was quite a big thing. They gave everyone a bottle of mineral water & some bread from some bakery (those european kind bread?). Each shopper was entitled to 10 minutes within the shopping area, and allowed one of each piece. It was kinda funny to see everyone rushing to get their stuff.

When we were finally done, we decided we’d never do something as crazy as that again (albeit my sis & I considered going for Mary Katrantzou for Topshop after I saw it at Knightsbridge yesterday).

Today, my family went for the BMW Cruise. It’s basically this thing where if you purchase a car from their 7series, you’re entitled to a cruise ride each year for the first 3 years. They’re stopping this service & it’s only our second time using it. So we just chiong-ed for it.

It was a great photo opp for us cos there was really nothing else we could do (apart from getting bitten by ants & mozzies). The boat was nice & big, with 3 rooms & 3 toilets. Unlike the first cruise we’d been on, this one was more indoor (and a lot more seasick making), but suitable for today’s rainy weather.

Cute cute granny :)

It was really all great fun but I’m still feeling all dizzy & floaty & very sea sick.

Food was catered by Prive bakery, which I’ve been intending to try. Huge disappointment though & hoping that if I do ry out Prive, I’ll be much more satisfied.

It’s another busy day tomorrow & another day to start working properly on my Uni apps! Can’t wait for Wednesday to come & for the soldier to get out of field camp!

Update another time guys! Hope yall are having a goood time :>






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