Dying of boredom

So I’m sitting in my room, for the third day straight, just waiting for something spectacular to happen. What I want to happen? I don’t know. Being sick has made me so bored. I feel like there’s nothing for me to look forward to & sitting down is the best I can do. Today’s the best I’ve felt since Sunday. Everything I’ve consumed has stayed inside! But the downside is that I’ve now got horrible throat pains (one thing after another isn’t it?).

I wish the items from my online shopping came more quickly. That way, maybe I’d be able to amuse myself with the new things I’d gotten.

I can’t wait for tomorrow when I’m finally (hopefully) gonna be well enough to get to work & to pick up Jieshun from Pasir Ris! That also means a day closer to results but that isnt something that’s really bothering me (hope it’s a good thing cos I had this uneasy feeling bout O level results).

Once I get my schedule back on track, I’ll have work, driving & lotsa other things I wanna do all planned out.

Looking back at my ‘Things to do for the holidays’

  1. Wilton Course 1
  2. Wilton Course 2
  3. Wilton Course 3
  4. Get a job at a bakery
  5. Sew the shift dress
  6. Take up art lessons
  7. Go for a form of exercise every week
  8. Crochet a few pieces
  9. Drive!!!

I’ve still got a long way more to go, and very little time! Hopefully I’ll be able to make the best use of this wonderful time I’ve got :>

Sorry for the short post but I’ll be back!

Blogging bout more boredom has actually made me realize I’ve got something pretty awesome to enjoy. A book I borrowed from my boss:

Can’t wait for someone whom I’m close to to have a birthday & hire me to do their birthday cake. Can totally imagine it to be tons of fun & excitement & a huge challenge to myself.





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