Online shopping hazard

I’ve always had this obsession with online shopping since I first started when I was 14.

It’s kinda addictive. You just need to go on to a website, beat all the queues, and then ‘add to cart’. If the size doesn’t fit and the seller is nice enough, you can do a free exchange, or, just find a way to sell it off.

Yet, each time the ‘thing’ doesn’t fit, I somehow don’t get rid of it and it just collects in my cupboard with the tag all attached.

This week, I returned to this poor habit of online shopping. It started with Rachelle’s recommendation of Book Depository. I’d used the website once (before As started), and promised myself to only go back when As were over. It took me a long time though, since I’d forgotten about it. When I did, I went mad. I ‘add(ed) to cart’ so many times till it reached 300 dollars. It pained my heart to remove items from my ‘cart’ till it was about 100 bucks, and me getting 3 new books!

The next day, asos had their 20% off. Even though I repeatedly tell myself that there is no need for me to have more clothing (since I”m going to HK & Europe), I still have to look at it. And that spoils everything. I click click click. And poof! All the money goes down the drain.

Today, I finally completed my taobao shopping for all my excessive baking stuff. I looked at it and started cutting once more. I figured most of the things I had chosen were kinda unnecessary.

Despite cake spade orders & working all three days last week, the total amount I had ‘in’ was less than the amount ‘out’. Kinda sad, but a girl likes to treat herself to the better things in life eh?

Friday marked the end of my final Wilton Course. (Hate to say this, but Wilton came up with a course 4 grr and I really feel like I need to take it up). I made a Tiffany & Co cake which was sadly held up by paper towels. My bow wasn’t dry enough & couldn’t stand on its own :( (note to self: to use a better drying agent next time I work with fondant!). I’ve also been having thoughts of going to KL to take up the Wilton Instructor test. Was thinking that with all the skills I’ve equipped myself with, why not go further and be a teacher. It could also serve as a good ‘part time job’ for me if I do need one.

Woke up yesterday feeling so sick :(

First thing in the morning, I felt like puking. Drank a cup of milo and felt no better. Was falling alsleep while helping mom during catechism and finally rushed to the toilet and puked twice :( and all that came out was milo. Went to Jieshun’s house after church & just felt really sick already. Still, it was his weekend and I really didn’t want to spoil it for him. So we continued plans and headed to Cafe Epicurious at The Rail Mall for some All-Day breakfast!

Felt really nauseous on the bus-ride back to his place despite only having mushroom soup. When we reached, everything came out & I ended up spending the afternoon sleeping. Couldn’t even eat dinner when it was time and I ended up not sending him off at Pasir Ris, and him sending me off to my home hahah.

Although I was sick, I was still glad to have spent the weekend with him. Today & tmr are gonna be full days of recuperating. SIGH TO SICKNESSSS




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