Retreat & Grace

He’ll probably kill me for this, but I’ll have to go against my soldier’s wishes & give an update on what I encountered over the weekend.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I was asked to help out & facilitate at the CJ Jc1 retreat. Honestly, when I was asked, I thought to myself ‘ I have no connection/relation whatsoever to these JC1s, and unlike orientation which is a fun event, the catholic retreat was probably gonna be a dull one ‘. I wasn’t too keen on helping & it took the persuasion of two people : daniel & Miss Olsen, to get me to finally say yes.

I guess God really works in special ways. He sent those two people to push me forward so  that i could see for myself how I should grow spiritually. I only decided to help for the 1st day. But after the day was over, I made plans to reorganize my activities to spend at least the next morning with my group.

For people their age, their openness really taught me & gave me new insight/perspective of how to look at things. It was a true joy to be able to facilitate their group & to get to know them better.

I never thought that I’d love CJ so much.

It’s only after I leave that I realize the numerous bonds that I’ve left behind.

It may not be the same experience that I got in IJ, but it still is a family to me.






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