Baking till the cows come home?

Ever since February started, I’ve busied myself, packing my days with countless activities from start to end.

Started work again on Tuesday & that already takes up my whole day (10am-6pm, @ B Bakery). Work’s really good for me cos I”m working part-time in the kitchen & get to learn loads about making cakes, techniques for cutting etc etc.

I felt that traffic flow was pretty slow on Tuesday, considering the amount of human flow we got before CNY. Lunch was relatively quiet & we still managed to cope even without extra hands. I did have to take up some waitressing, but about 3 other staff who would normally be in the bakery weren’t there for work that day. Learnt how to make Passionfruit cheesecake & did my normal job of setting up the cake display first thing when I entered. Making that ‘perfect’ clean cheesecake is really not about the recipe but about the baking. We did it in a waterbath & monitored it to ensure that it didn’t crack or brown.

Heh, I”m quite proud of myself cos I think it looks really clean & smooth :>
Also cut many slices of cake that day to send to Liquid Cafe. Exhausting day of work, to be frank.

Rushed home for dinner & then met Andre @ Starbucks for Photography 101. Been pretty interested in learning how to do proper food photography for the Cake biz I’m starting.

Work again on Wednesday & then headed to People’s Park Centre for my first ever crochet lesson! Well, I didnt actually start to crochet that day cos I spent too long trying to find a pattern that I wanted, since those I picked were too complex, and by the time I found one, it was considered ‘too late for lessons’. The lady was just being a prick & it was kinda sad cos I was already there? Gotta wait till Monday for my next lesson (think I shall go down on that day). By the time the day was over, I was pretty much ready to dive into my bed.

Thursday I had work again. It was really quiet :( thinking twice about whether I should continue my job because I feel pretty bad working there. Made a batch of oatmeal cranberry cookies to sell :D ook a bus down to Chinatown to buy the lace for the wedding box (angbao) that I’m making for Shirley (same lady I’m doing hte wedding cupcakes for). Found the lace & thankfully, I managed to find one at a much more reasonable price. At Arab Street, most of the stalls were either selling sequined lace or french lace which really costs a bomb. Considering that I was only wrapping it around a box, I felt that it was really unnecessary to splurge on the lace. Found lace going at 8.50 per yardd. Took a long work thereafter to Flor Patisserie where Nat’s working. Waited pretty long before we found dinner for ourselves at a nearby Japanese restaurant. I can’t quite remember the name but it was really not bad!

After that long day, you’d think I’d dive into bed. No, I decided to complete the angbao boxes. I was deadbeat by the time I was done, but really satisfied with what I had accomplished.

The idea of the box comes from an image that the bride-to-be herself provided. I just modified as I went along.

I’ll update more about Friday & today another time! Now it’s time for me to head to bed. Gotta be up at an unearthly hour & go to church for the first catechism lesson of the year :O





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