We walked more than 4km

Met up with bob & nad yesterday to chill & take photos & explore.

Afterall, this blog is supposed to capture the little adventures that I have on an every day basis.

Met the lovelies at Robertson Quay, where we were supposed to find a quaint cafe to sit down and relax at. However, none of us were sure of where we were & thus, ended up going to central & chilling at RealFood.

More about RealFood:
It’s an indie cafe which serves organic food, has magazines for you to read and relax & is a great place for you & your friends to meet.

I had organic mushroom aglio olio which was not bad, full of garlic *but made my breath stink after*.

The ambience of the place was pretty awesome and even at 2plus in the afternoon, there were people having tea/coffee, salad & even studying (new place for students to check out if Starbucks is too full!).

I quite liked the whole concept of the place. It’s really spacious & everything is very white and looks very clean. The music playing in the background was also pleasing to the ear and the staff were friendly and approachable.

After that, we took a nice stroll along the river, took some photos and ran into a bunch of SAJC kids having their orientation. There was a guy giving out free hugs so all 3 of us spontaneously joined in the fun!

Got ourselves some haato ice cream & then crossed the bridge to get Bob’s Haagen Dazs

From there, we walked all the way to Seah Street, so that I could get some of my baking stuff. I was quite disappointed cos most of the stuff I wanted were out of stock :/ Did manage to get the cupcake cups that I need for my cake orders next week though! So that was good. Thinking that since we were ‘still quite near’, we decided to walk to Haji Lane & explore the area. SIlly us needed to use the washroom & walked into parkview square, not realizing it was an office building. We even took photos with the statues & walked through their lobby. Embarrassing much!!!

FINALLY, we made our way to Haji Lane (after countless times of jay-walking!)

Covered most of the shops that were open & Nad actually left with really good bargains. Most of the things that caught my eye were quite costly so I figured it wasn’t worth it.

Anyway, started work again today, but more about that in another post.

Sorry for the image-heavy post & take care folks!!!

More about cake decorating & baking coming up this weekend.


Much Love!




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