Afternoon Delight

With all the new found free time on my hands, I guess it’s time to actually start developing my various interests.

The first would be cake decorating. Proud to say that I’m almost done with my three Wilton Courses (which means I can actually apply for the Wilton instructor course in KL). Well, I’m not that skilled yet and I’ve still got a long way more before I’ll embark on this career path..

With cake decorating in hand, there is no doubt that I have to work on my baking skills. I’ve yet to develop it to a point where I”m able to make perfect Macarons (the second batch was actually quite successful!) or even the perfect pastry for my tart.

It’s also time for me to catch-up on my sewing. I took sewing lessons when I was about 14 and haven’t pursued it further. Just like cake decorating, it’s an expensive hobby which requires a lot of patience; more in fact. Just drafting the paper pattern, unpicking the wrong stitches can be really frustrating. However, it really is a good skill and I will try to make time for myself.

As if things weren’t enough, I’ve still got to work (at B Bakery), take driving lessons & tutor Ignatius. So much to do but yet seemingly so little time. TIme management is key at this point in time, especially since I’ll never get to enjoy a holiday like that again!

Haven’t been out with my camera lately (which reminds me, I’ve  got to master my skills on my DSLR), so I’ll just leave you with some old photos :>

First ever face-painting gig at a kids party with Ash <3

Singapore at Malaysia Cup, w Ignatius, Jieshun, Derek & Sean





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