Macaron Disaster :(

Started off my Friday to a not so good start.

Today was the first day of my Gumpaste & Fondant Course (Wilton Course 3) and silly me, thinking that the class was at 930am, set my alarm at 9am (the actual time the class was to start). Somehow or rather, I wasn’t in a deep sleep & got up at 850. That’s when something hit me. My lesson was 2.5 hours, and ended at 1130. Got into some frantic rush and practically ran to BIY and reached at 915. Phew. Not too bad :/

Headed to Makumata Ramen (Idk how it’s spelt exactly) at United Square for lunch with mom and her two friends. Super full from lunch & then did some Cold Storage shopping. Was intending to buy all the ingredients required to make my Green Tea Macarons, but that failed becuase I couldn’t find my ground almonds (more about that later).

This search for my ground almonds also resulted in me being late in meeting nic at Tott, where we were supposed to do some baking shopping. Rather disappointing though, that the stock is rather limited. Well, not limited, but just that it doesn’t carry everything that I thought it would. Ended up buying 6 cake boxes just to please myself :/

Took 154 down to CJ & joined this year’s orientation finale. I’d say kudos to the core team as well as the OGLS for pulling of the lovely orientation! I’ve been through it before & know exactly how it feels like.

Went to Far East for lunch with couple of the oldies (ex-OGLs). I made them follow me to buy my ground almonds & got all excited to get home to make my macarons.

What stopped me from making them was a call from Tekong. Finally I managed to talk for more than 20 minutes :/

When time finally permitted, I got down to whisking my meringue. However, due to under-beating of the meringue, my batter was runny & unsuitable for piping perfect macaron shells. I did try out a batch but it was so ugly, unshapely, and flat. The taste was pleasing though. What’s sad though is that I only bought the required amount of ground almonds & to try the recipe again would require for me to wake up early & buy almonds from Cold Storage :'(

Hopefully my Green Tea macarons will be a success tomorrow!!!

Some pictures from Granny’s 80th Birthday Celebration



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