Resorts World Tekong

Hi guys

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated. Been really busy lately, trying to fill all  my time with Jieshun who enlisted yesterday. In addition to that, my grannie’s big 80th celebration was coming up & had lotsa preparation to do.

Followed Jieshun & his family to Tekong yesterday, to get a tour of the quarters that he’ll be living in, a taste of the food he’ll be eating, and to say our final goodbyes (makes it seem like they’re dying). Guess the place doesn’t seem too bad (although it really resembles a chalet & i really dislike chalets). SAF had some screw-up in enlistment time & 26 of the boys (including Jieshun & Ryan) were supposed to be in an earlier slot and hence, were together with people from a different company. It was quite a relief, though, that they weren’t posted to Kestrel/Ninja, of which both have a reputation for being ‘siong’.

The tour + video + oath taking ceremony took about a total of 5 hours. Spent an entire day at Tekong & reached home only at 7pm :/ Gonna miss him in army! BMT’s gonna be tough but as their tag-line says, these boys are gonna become men hahaha

Look so so tired. Had a total of 8 hours of sleep in like 2 days, trying to maximize all the time with him!

On Sunday, I had my first cupcake tasting with a bride. She wanted 60 cupcakes for her ROM reception. I baked her Red Velvet, Marshmallow & Lemon butter. In the end, she chose the first two.

From left to right; Lemon Butter, Marshmallow, Red Velvet

All decoration is handmade with love

A minimum order of 12 cupcakes is required because it’s kinda hard to make it in small batches.

Well, apart from the fact that Tekong has officially stolen him from me, it’s also given me time to catch up on my baking & to get back to work!

Hope everyone’s doing good. Will update again soon bout my Granny’s birthday & new things that I’m trying out : )






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