Food poisoning in its most potent form

Got up early yesterday (okay, not so early, maybe 10am?) to the sound of the power vacuum. Hate that thing especially when it wakes me up so early in the morning.

Was supposed to take a bus down with Jieshun to Jalan Besar Stadium to purchase tickets for this Saturday’s soccer match (Malaysia Cup). In the end, his parents ended up driving us there and waiting for us before we headed down to Mustafa to buy his army phone.

Jalan Besar is like a totally new area to me and I must say the stadium looks pretty nice! By the time we reached, the concession tickets (which were going at only 2bucks a piece!!!) were sold out :/ Ended up purchasing the Grandstand tickets which were 12 bucks a piece rather than the Gallery tickets which were 7 bucks a piece (and located behind the goal post).

Took a short drive to Mustafa Centre and started exploring our way around. The whole place is seriously some megamart and I’m pretty sure you can find anything and everything there! Took us a long while before we finally found the Electronics department. I wanted to buy my 35mm film there but they were sold out (I thought Mustafa Centre was the one-stop station for everything!!!). Later, we looked for the watch department and bought his army watch.

Alas, lunch time! Against the shouts of cries from his mom and I, Jieshun’s dad and him decided that we ought to embrace the location we were in and eat at Mustafa Centre. We followed to signage on the floor which led us to the restaurant ‘Kebabs n Curries’, located in the ‘new’ wing of Mustafa (think it’s been new for over 4 years now).

It was just like a maze, having to find our way by following the floor signs, leading us through the weirdest corners of the mall. I guess it was a way for them to create that artificial satisfaction when we finally reached the restaurant, and sorta make us eat there.

I’ll admit tht the place looks really nice, and that the naan was good! We ordered Garlic naan, butter chicken, chicken masala and some vegetables. Both chickens were not bad, but the vegetables were actually those frozen kind (peas, corn, carrots) and wasn’t too good. After all of that, the two of us headed to town. He just followed me for awhile before I met Nat.

Thats when the ‘drama’ started.

I started running to the toilet pretty frequently, visitng the Taka toilet like 6 times? I guess the hygiene level involved in the preparation of the food wasn’t too good, coupled with the weakness of my stomach. Thankfully, I visited the toilet enough times for it to stop.

Once Nat’s work was over, we went over to Topshop & bought the same top for 19 bucks. What a bargain. Went in to A&F for the first time (for nat), and tried to explore the place in hopes of finding Krystal. Failed, didn’t like the ambience, and left.

We then walked over to Cine & looked around Editor’s. We both found a pair of shorts and a top that we liked, and started finding people to combine with us to get the 15 piece discount. Saw this lady with like a basket full of clothes, asked her, and found another two girls just in case the lady didnt have enough (HAHAHA). Endedup with about 5 groups of us. The lady with 13 pieces on her own, a girl with 6 pieces, two girls with two pieces each, another two girls with one piece each, and the two of us with two pieces each. Great bargain cos I snagged a pair of shorts for 20 bucks and a top for 13! My first ever purchase from Editor’s

Both of us were kinda exhausted so we sat down at Koufu for about 2 hours, talking, catching up and then sharing a bibimbap (stupid idea on my part because i had a dinner at night which I totally forgot about!!!).

Saw Veronica at frolick and we both got mini yogurts for free!
Also, considered some names for my Cake thing at night.

Cake Spade. Cake Middleton. HAHAHHAHAH.

Okay, lemme know if you’ve got better ideas than that!



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