3rd & 4th January 2012

Yesterday was the start of my first Wilton Course 2 lesson (Click here for more about the course)

I was actually supposed to have an Ao outing in the afternoon at ECP but got stopped by some killing cramps. Ended up wasting the rest of the afternoon sleeping like a baby. When I woke up, I took the bus down to Paragon to meet those retards. Had  a real good dinner at Thai Express (Koffir & Lime? I think that’s what it’s called). Andrea came along and we spent a bulk of time playing w her X-sticker speakers around metallic items in Paragon. SIGH.

In prepartion for my Wilton Class which was today, I stayed up till 1am making royal icing and colouring it. My goodness.

Woke up this morning. I kinda refused to get out of bed but i had an obligation. Second lesson of my Wilton Course gahhh. (Also refer to the post on Wilton Course 2 for more details).

Got home and was surprised w a sunflower from js! hehe. After lunch, my mom, js and myself got down to making pineapple tarts. Apparently we didn’t ‘throw’ the dough around (due to the fact that it wasn’t included in the recipe) and so it crusted up like a biscuit. The second batch turned out better.

Anyways, booking my flight to Europe now. About 1.5months away. Gonna be missing a lot of people :/

Off to Phoon Huat now to buy more stuff for cake decorating.

Toodles friends!



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